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Outread 1.3

Outread 1.3 Download


Increase your reading fluency with this easy-to-use app


Outread is an application used for increasing your speed reading. It utilizes one of the greatest comprehension strategies, especially for those who tend to read faster in their head, by reducing subvocalization. When you download it, you realize that it’s quite similar to the well-known application Syllable, so you won’t spend your free time trying to get used to Outread.

It's perfect for children: this app highlights some words in the paragraph and you have to try to follow it

How does it work? It’s quite simple and easy: Outread highlights some words in the paragraph and you have to read them. It starts slowly but, as you go along, it will increase the speed. This kind of application is perfect for children who are learning to read. However, I personally recommend it for adults that need to have a perfect vocalization and pronunciation at work. In that way, it is really useful if you want to make a public speech or to make a presentation of a product.

Outread allows you to link it with other common apps such as Readability, Pocket or Instapaper. In addition, you can import the reading lists that you have inside. If you love reading articles (So do I), you find it really useful because you can add a bookmarklet to the browser Safari and save the articles in Outread, amongst other comprehension strategies. This is, in my opinion, is one of its stand-out features.

First steps using this great application

Outread helps you from the moment you download and run it for the very first time. In fact, when you start using it, an introductory article tells you how it works. However, we can assure you that the tutorial is completely unneeded because the app is really intuitive. It works similar to a media player: tap once the screen and it will start ‘’playing’’ the article - if you want to pause it, just tap it again.

When you run it, the highlighter starts moving over the words that you have to read at the pre-set speed. You have to follow it and read what is highlighted. It sounds like something easy, but it’s a challenge for novices! You can increase the marker size, the velocity and the text size. If you want to add an article, as we mentioned above, you have to choose to archive it by swiping to the left or copying and pasting the URL into the application. In addition, Outread allows you to type your own text, amongst other comprehension strategies.

Outread 1.3 Features

Outread includes the following features:

  • Ability to adjust the velocity and the marker size
  • Link it up with the well-known apps Pocket, Instapaper and Readability
  • Copy and paste the URL you want and you’ll have it inside
  • Add any article from Safari
  • Feel free to move through the text, skipping the parts you don’t want to read
  • Save the articles you want to read and read them offline
  • Ability to change the themes (two available) and the fonts (five available)
  • Sort the articles by length, date or title

If you want to read more about Outread, feel free to do so on the developer’s website

System Requirements

If you want to download Outread, we recommend that you read the minimum system requirements beforehand:

  • iOS 7 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


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